If you have seen one cover band you have seen them all right! WRONG. I had the pleasure of seeing a local Delaware county band named Bucket List on Sat May 11th that blew me away. I have seen my fair share of bands some good, some bad and many that just try to hard and end up butchering my favorite songs. I went into PJ’s bar and grill in Aston PA. The plan was to have a beer and then head home. I ended up staying till 2:00 am and it wasn’t for the drinks. Bucket List Lead Vocalist, James Walker engaged the crowed and nailed every song he sang, pitch perfect. I am John Bonham fan so I am Picky about my drums. The drums played by Nick DiEnno were nothing short of incredible. The three Guitarists pulled it all together dazzling me and the crowed with their crazy good timing and awesome riffs. On Guitars were Dave Tryens-bass, Ralph “Woody” Woodrow and Jason Nilion Both on guitar and they rocked it. To top it off they all sing.  The whole bar was on their feet cheering and yelling including yours truly. They played something for everyone. From the Sixty’s to the present and some county tossed in for good measure. Bucket List has been playing together for about a year, yet they play as if they have been together for 20 years. They played like a well-oiled machine. They more they played the more the crowed wanted. They are a Delco must see!

I was lucky enough to talk to them after their set and I have to say they were the coolest bunch of guys you will ever meet. I really got the sense that they play for the love of the Music and Play for the crowd. I had had a few drinks so I am sure I sounded less than professional. They still took the time to answer my questions between sets. If you have ever tried to talk to a local cover band you will know that they tend to act bigger than they are. Not with Bucket list, I was pleasantly surprised.

If you live in the Delco area come see these guys. Hell, if you live in Jersey come see these guys they are that good. You can see Bucket List at The Thirsty Bulldog, Tipsy Mctullios, Sundance Salon and PJ” Bar and Grill. Bucket List is looking to expand in Ridley. Bar owners, trust me book these guys if you want a completely packed bar! Bucket List is Delco own Hidden gem. I have a feeling they won’t be hidden for long. I have not had that much fun seeing a band in a very long time. Thanks Bucket List you ROCKED! They will be playing at The Thirsty Bulldog bar and grill 3386 Chichester Ave.Boothwyn pa 19061 on June 8th.

So go out for a drink and stay for the band.

Check them out on Facebook   



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